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Until you understand who you are as a person, you will never understand who you are in life or in business.

You have the idea. You can visually see the idea come to life in your mind. You know how it looks, you can see the amazing results, and you can also see your consumers purchasing your product. You know that there is a need for what you offer and that your market would really benefit from it. However, you’re having a hard time bringing the vision from your mind to pliable marketplace business.

Trust me, I totally understand developing a business concept can be time consuming, stressful and sometimes extremely confusing. It wasn’t until I realized that having trusted accountability and a sound strategy are things that I needed to change the way we do business. I had to learn and understand who I am as person in general and the understand who I am as a business person.  Whether they are a new or tenured business, having someone who you can bounce your ideas off of and who can help you streamline your business can be the transitioning point in your business development.

As owners, sometimes we feel like we have to in this thing by ourselves; we don’t have anyone to help us during those times where we are stuck on a concept or someone that will just tell us the truth; about our “Bright Idea”. We know that he nights can get long, however the benefit of owning your own business and being able to support not only yourself, but the people that are connected to you and your business is the most rewarding and life altering feeling.

We understand that it’s not just about the name, logo and tagline. It’s about building your Lifestyle business. Not only focusing on the outside of your life and business but the inside as well!

We are excited about your future and can’t wait to stand with you!  Click here to schedule your SPARK SESSION!  We are ready to help you brilliantly shine!

The process of creating a Diamond involves deep pressure and high levels of heat!

It’s important to me that we create an opportunity for you to step outside the box,  activate your creative potential and go after your dreams like never before! Our clients  learn how to apply our proven strategies utilizing our “DIAMOND” Process taking your concepts from ideas, through the pressure into a creation and development, into a concrete, transparent, able to withstand the pressure, income producing business.

Who do we serve?

Small business owners, Corporate entities,  new business start-ups, restructuring, beauty industry pros, salon owners as well as the businesses who support the beauty industry, those who have a true passion for what they do and who are ready to bring their God-given talents to the forefront. Those who are ready to bring out taking their concepts and ideas from their mind to the marketplace. Creating  a profitable and purpose-based business which will transform lives and make a difference in the world. Those who understand the value of coaching and mentoring, and don’t hesitate when it comes to making an investment in themselves.

Your Entrepreneurial Accountability Begins Here

Fire Starter Sessions

There are times where we just need that one on one attention and dialogue, one on one online or exclusive location the “FIRE STARTER” sessions are constructed to help you begin to gain a clear vision of your business, help you map out a new project or assist you during those times where you may get stuck! VIP sessions are held with either Keandra or one of our certified trainers, and are geared specifically towards your desired business need, whether it’s helping to build out a program or establishing your business model. These sessions will bring clarity to your vision by creating or enhancing your vision board, while eliminating all excuses and providing a solid action plan to move forward. Are you ready to put down the excuses and ignite the fire? Contact us today to schedule our 30 min consultation!

From Carbon to Diamond 24 Week Business Development Program

This High Impact 24 week business development course is offered twice per year. It’s designed to help you articulate purpose, bring clarity to your vision and assist you in developing your business plan, values, leadership and management materials, legal structuring and more. By leveraging a our Team Based coaching model, these personalized coaching sessions bring clarity, awareness, empowerment and positive forward moving action steps to the development of your brand, providing you the opportunity to turn your passion into profits. Upon completion of this program you will have an amazing start to your business development that will enable you to:

  • Identify and leverage your strengths to maximize your impact
  • Create positive and sustainable changes that will position you for continued growth and success
  • Identify and Create your Brand Identity
  • Establish sound documented systems for business organization
  • Personal as well as business transformation
  • Improve and leverage relationships
  • Develop your business design
  • Turn your passion into profits

Due to the nature of this program we are only taking a limited number of guests during each session!

Pick It Back Up Program

This program provides accountability and stability for entrepreneurs who have a vision for their business, but may have gotten side-tracked along the way. Accountability One of our TBMG coaches will be your guide through the entrepreneurial process. Interactive Sessions Gain valuable feedback on your assignments and deliverables. Customized Training Whether you desire help building your company’s strategies, need help mapping out a project or initiative, our course is tailored to suit your business needs. Access to Our Private Group This program gives you access to The Diamond District to network with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. 6 Week Programs Available